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What is 'Morganic'?

Morganic Agriculture is 'more than organic'.  Morganic is about truly healthy soil that promotes and provides for the crops.  Everything that I have learned about soil microbiology in the last 3 years leads me to work towards minimum soil disturbance, lots of cover cropping, elimination of fertilizers, and elimination of all pest control products- organically approved included.

We all think of conventional agriculture as taking a piece of land and applying seed, fertilizer, herbicides, and 'crop protectants'.  If you are here reading this, than you probably already have come to the decision that this is a bankrupt system.  And it is.  

What is organic agriculture then?  Taking a piece of land and applying seed, fertilizer, lots of soil disturbance to destroy weeds and 'crop protectants'.  Yes, the products used are typically better for us and the environment, but is the system really any different or even better?

I envision a totally different paradigm.  In my paradigm, the farmer takes a piece of land and plants the seed.  He manages his cover crops and cash crops so that the ground is always covered, with as much diversity in plant and animal life as possible.  He does not till the ground, or at least only tills at the very minimum.  He encourages soil bio-diversity and abundant soil microorganisms because the multitudes of good bugs will crowd out and out-compete the bad bugs.  But it gets better!  The plants and the microorganisms will actually work together for their mutual benefit!  There is some very exciting research looking into these relationships.

Why do we not get certified USDA Organic? I have always been skeptical of a system that relies on bureaucrats of one kind or another and influenced by lobbyists.  I would much rather work to build a farm based on a trusting relationship with you than build it on the approval of a system that is to me questionable.  We are working to take organic standards and go beyond them.  Compost, cover crops, crop rotation-- all are used on our farm to constantly improve our soil and to produce superior crops.  

We do it for our land, our progeny and, most importantly, you.

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