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"SunTan" Chicken

Did you know that we raised pastured chicken?  We call it "Sun Tanned" because our chickens spend their time outside in the fresh air and sunshine instead of being crammed into an industrial barn wallowing in their own filth.  Our birds are clean because we move them daily to fresh grass and greens, not to mention all the bugs they like munching on!  

We strongly believe that raising poultry outdoors on pasture as we do is the way to produce the best tasting chicken while at the same time providing health and the ability for the chicken to express its natural behavior.  We feed non-GMO grains purchased locally here in west Michigan.  We do not feed antibiotics or growth stimulants.




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So I could pine on about woodchucks eating entire plantings of broccoli, kale, and lettuce. About our onion plants dieing. About a cool spring and now a dry early summer.  About flee beetles in o