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About Lettuce Boy Farm

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 Lettuce Boy Farm, located between Belding and Lowell, is owned and operated by Tom and Paula Wenger and me, their son Jonathan. Dad grew up on a farm, helping to make hay, feed livestock, and milk the family cow. In 1979, he graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in agriculture before joining two brothers in Wenger Brothers Dairy. In 1995, that partnership ended and Dad started his career in carpentry and home building, quickly distinguishing himself as a premier craftsman in his trade. This interest in farming and working with one's hands passed on to me. After graduating high school in 2007, I started market farming, taking the fruits of my labor to the farmers markets, experimenting with a CSA, and getting my feet wet selling to the restaurant and wholesale business. In 2010, Dad returned to his first passion, joining Mom and I in forming Lettuce Boy Farm LLC.

Today we grow everything from popular produce like tomatoes, green beans, and carrots to fun veggies like purple beans and patty pan squash to ol' timey vegetables like brussels sprouts, beets, and rutabagas. We are always experimenting with new varieties and strive to provide more of our produce year-round with winter greens grown in our hoophouses and storage crops from our cooler.

Our growing philosophy is simple, but powerful: healthy soil equals healthy and nutritious crops. As farmers, we are shepherds of our soil and the practices we employ can greatly affect, either positively or negatively, the health of the biological soil community. We make extensive use of mor-ganic methods such as cover cropping, inter-cropping, compost, minimum soil disturbance and pasturing of our animals. You will never find GMO's, chemical fertilizers, or conventional sprays on our farm. At Lettuce Boy Farm, we believe in an informed food consumer that will hold their farmer accountable; we are not certified organic – rather, we are responsible to you and we invite you to come to the farm to see for yourself.

Our vision is to be able to provide healthy, nutritious food year-round for our friends, neighbors, and customers. Because of this, my parents and I strive for the highest level of quality in our produce -- we don't sell anything that doesn't meet our high standards and we will always stand behind the freshness and quality our produce and service. 

If you are looking for nutritious foods that respect and value the environment and you the consumer, we invite to give us a try. Come rediscover what real food tastes like!


- Your Farmer, Jonathan



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