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Posted 6/4/2017 9:12am by Lettuce Boy Farm.

So I could pine on about woodchucks eating entire plantings of broccoli, kale, and lettuce. About our onion plants dieing. About a cool spring and now a dry early summer.  About flee beetles in our baby greens.  About disappearing chickens.  But that would be silly, because these kinds of hardships are normal just about every year.  I always face problems and challenges that I must adapt to.  It would be just silly to feel sorry for myself.

And besides, what about everything that is going well on the farm?  What about the cover crops and soils that keep getting better every year?  What about the grains for our chickens that are looking sooooo much better this year?  What about the abundance of help this year? What about our new mobile coop that is working so well for our pastured hens?

That's how you keep your sanity in farming- putting your head down and problem solving while focusing on what is good and going well.

But those dang woodchucks!


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