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Posted 2/3/2015 6:46pm by Jonathan Wenger.

Good Evening! 

I hope you are well! I want to thank you for your kind words of encouragement and your continued support through our not-so-smooth growth.  Having a pickup day is always good for pumping up my enthusiasm!  I write this with a question and an opportunity.

Question- If you have enjoyed our produce, would you be willing to write a short testimonial for us?  It could be as simple as a sentence or two or a couple paragraphs if you wish.  We would like to use 'Jane Doe, Sometown' as the format to accredit the testimonials because we think having a full name and town lend credibility.  However, if you are uncomfortable with this, we could use a first or last name instead of a full name.  We will be using these on our website and marketing info as we try to start a delivery service for those who are not able to make it to a farmers market, but still want quality, local veggies.

An opportunity- We are offering gift cards as way to buy in advance- to give you more value and us some capital in the cash-strapped spring.  Here is how it will work:  1)You can purchase as little or as much credit as you like.  2)It never expires and is re-loadable.  3)We will give you a 10% premium, so if you spend $100, you will receive $110 of credit.  4)When the farmers markets start up, we simply swipe your gift card at checkout and you are done!  We are hoping to use the money to help pay for things like asparagus roots, pastured laying hens, and a new well for irrigation.  You could get one for a friend or family member to introduce them to our produce.  If you are interested, please contact me.

Also, to allow our winter spinach time to regrow and gain back some of its earlier vigor, we will not be having a pickup until sometime around the end of February.

Please call (616 307-6124) or email (jlwenger6475@gmail.com) me with any and all questions, concerns, or comments.  

Thank you!

Jonathan Wenger

Lettuce Boy Farm LLC


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