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Posted 5/8/2017 11:56am by Lettuce Boy Farm.

So it's already May.  When did that happen?

We've been busily working away transplanting onions, spreading compost and getting new plants started in the greenhouse.  Have you ever planted onions in your garden?  Many people plant onions sets in the spring and that's usually what they think of when I talk about planting onions.  At Lettuce Boy, we transplant little baby onion transplants.  We start them from seed in early February (this year I had to buy them instead) and let them grow until early April.  By this time they are close to the size of a pencil.  This year, however, we were delayed until the end of April.

To prepare the garden beds for the onions, I first make a pass with the rototiller set shallow.  I then go over the beds a shaper to pull the edges of the bed back up and firm everything up.  After these two steps I lay drip tape for irrigation and plastic mulch.  We use the mulch because onions do not compete with weeds in the slightest and will otherwise be quickly overcome without lots of hoeing and hand weeding.  It's just much easier and cost effective to use the plastic.  Now its finally time to plant the little buggers!

I built a 6-hole punch to both mark the locations for the onion plants and make a small home in the plastic.  Then my minions and I push onions into the holes that have been made and we're done!  Irrigate until well done.  Yields several thousand pounds.

Something new for us this year is our mobile hen house.  Over the winter and early spring I slowly build our hens' new pasture home from both new and old materials.  More coming on this later!

Be Blessed friends!

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