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Flurry of Activity this Spring

Posted 6/3/2015 12:40pm by Jonathan Wenger.

The title says it all.  I think that I (I should say 'we') have been going non-stop for the last 10 weeks.  We have expanded our acreage this year, mostly to give us more flexibility, but also to grow more crops.  The total inside the deer fence is around 15 acres with about half of that actually for veggie crops.  Still, we are trying to do a lot more this year both for the regular summer season and for our winter storage season.  And we have been trying to do it all (or mostly) ourselves.  So, here is a short list of new things going on here on the farm:

Home Deliveries-  Yes we are going to start delivering to your home this summer in the Ada and Cascade area!  The feedback that we have received from our mailer has been amazing and, frankly, a little overwhelming.  If you were one of the earlier ones to sign up for our email list, we will be starting with you.  But don't worry, if you are not on that short list just be patient.  I will add more people into the pool as we get better and better and we can handle more people.

A New Greenhouse- So this is mostly new.  I put up a new greenhouse last fall to replace the old way-too-small one.  I built it from scratch and designed it myself with a little help from Dad.  We now have around 600 sq ft of growing area for our transplants, but I have found out this spring that I could easily use more space.  I just might have to build another in the next year or two!

A New Washroom- This was a long time coming.  I started working on the addition to our garage about 18 months ago and Dad and I have been trying to finish it ever since.  It is still not completely done- the inside walls still need their final water proof coverings, plumbing needs to be completed, and the outside walls need sided.  But it is done enough so that we have a place to wash and pack that is out of the wind and enclosed to keep things clean.

Asparagus-  Yes!  I finally was able this year to plant some asparagus crowns after several years of being limited by the budget.  We put in about 1/4 of an acre.  So in a few years we will have this wonderful spring veggie for us all to enjoy!  Now, where can I put another acre of the stuff next year......

It really has a challenging and tiring spring, but we remain optimistic and enthusiastic about the future.  I am excited about all the potential this year is bringing.  I'll learn alot (as usual), be challenged further, and come out a better farmer no matter what comes.  There is more that I could tell you about, but I'll save it for future installments of this 'Lettuce Boy Blog'.  

Stay safe and eat well! 


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